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Since 2012, the Beautify Decatur Coalition has been engaging our community members to market our assets more effectively by focusing on increasing the curb appeal and creating a clean, beautiful public presence.



We do a lot. Whether it is getting a new business to sign a No Litter Zone contract or promoting a corporation to adopt a street or highway, we stay busy beautifying the streets of Decatur. Learn more about each initiative by clicking below.

"In just a few short years, this small team has conducted several neighborhood cleanups, rallied the community in their "Let's Keep Decatur Bee-utiful" contest, and organized several yearly activities that everyone can get behind. I personally really enjoy the spring planting of florals downtown. All spring and summer, I can drive by and see the fruits of our labor. All the activities organized by the BDC truly make our city flower and one picked up piece of trash at a time."

- Martin Mooney

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