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The following businesses and individuals have graciously contributed to the Beautify Decatur Coalition either by giving a cash donation or in-kind services or goods. We greatly appreciate their support as together we work to make the Decatur community a beautiful, clean place to live, work and play. Looking to donate? Click here.




Brandy Poshard
Bruce Nims
Carin & James Grady
Carol Streckfuss
Cheryl Marty
Cynthia Smith
Dan & Cyndi Larson
Douglas McCarthy
E.D. Tietz
Ellen Hearn
Gene & Michelle Dillow
Jill Davis
Kathy Althoff
Katie Weatherford
Kevin & Susan Breheny

Larry & Dee Altenbaumer

Lucy Smith
Mark & Kathy Sorensen

Mark & Susan Avery

Marvin & Mona Sowers
Dr. Paul & Terrie Potter
Dr. Phillip Sharkey

Ron Koopman
Sam Wilcoxen
Sarah Peterson
Stephen Cantrell
Dr. Stephen & Melinda Chadwick
Tom Sloan 
Mr. & Mrs. William P Shade III


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