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Beautify Decatur Coalition Reaches Over 500 No Litter Zone Pledges

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Decatur, Illinois –The Beautify Decatur Coalition (BDC) is excited to announce that over 500 No Litter Zone (NLZ) program pledges have been signed by local businesses, schools and organizations.

The NLZ program currently consists of 587 signed pledges with commitments from property owners to keep properties litter-free on a daily basis. A window cling is provided to recognize their pledge.

The 500th NLZ pledge was signed by Chris Tuttle of Swartz Properties. Swartz Properties signed 91 of their properties, raising the total pledge count to 587. Swartz Properties signed their first NLZ agreement in 2015, about the same time they adopted a half mile of McKinley Avenue in the City of Decatur’s Adopt-A-Street Program.

“Swartz Properties is very excited to participate in the No Litter Zone program at all of the multi-family properties in the Decatur and Mt. Zion areas,” said Chris Tuttle, Executive Director of Swartz Properties. “We are very proud of our community and want to do our part to increase curb appeal. We have our employees pick up litter at all of our locations on a regular basis and will encourage our residents to do so as well.”

The NLZ program is a no-cost program for participants that are committed to training their employees to understand that it is a part of everyone’s job description to monitor and pick up litter daily. Since late 2017, the number of pledges has nearly doubled.

“Participation in the No Litter Zone is easy,” said Marvin Sowers, Beautify Decatur Coalition’s NLZ Program Chair. “There is no cost to the business and there are no inspections. Businesses sign a simple pledge saying that they and their employees will consider anti-litter efforts to be part of their daily routine, and then they do it.”

If your organization is interested in signing the pledge, please message us on our Facebook page or website. For more information on the NLZ and other BDC initiatives, visit

Pictured is Swartz Properties Executive Director Chris Tuttle with a No Litter Zone decal.


Media Coverage: WCIA


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