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Beautify Decatur Coalition Receives Funds from WAND-TV's 'J.C.'s 3-Degree Guarantee'

Photo Credit: WAND-TV

The Beautify Decatur Coalition was fortunate to be a selected organization for WAND-TV's 'J.C.'s 3-Degree Guarantee' for the month of March 2019. "The concept is simple. Five days a week on WAND News at 10,  Chief Meteorologist J.C. Fultz will give you his 3-Degree Guarantee. He guarantees the next day's high temperature will be within three degrees of what he predicted.

The next day on WAND News at 6, J.C. will compare his forecast with the day's actual high temperature.

Each day J.C. gets it right, WAND and the IBEW will donate to a "charity of the month." WAND presents the money at the end of each month to the charity. It's WAND's way of giving back to the community while holding ourselves to the high standard and accuracy viewers have come to expect of WAND-TV." Read more about the 3-Degree Guarantee here.


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